Diablo Moon

Designing a monogram logo is not as easy as you might think! For Diablo Moon, my client asked me if I could possibly combine a moon, a devil, and the letters ‘D’ and ‘M’ into a single monogram-style logo - as well as a spelled-out version! I was fresh out of school and excited to start developing freelance design work with all my newfound free time (sort of - I do still have an actual job), so I signed on immediately.

Cut to a road trip to PA with a friend and sketching out those two letters over and over, trying to combine them into something that met both the client’s expectations and my own high standards for my design work. It was really difficult, more so than I was anticipating.

I ranged from extremely conceptual to extremely bare-boned minimalist, and nothing seemed to work right. The three versions above morphed into even more sketches, but to no avail. Finally, I stumbled upon just the right typeface, which magically went together beautifully with sketch #2 (above)! I threw some concepts together, adding a tail here, horns there, etc. I sent it off to the client and waited with bated breath, even though I had an idea she’d be just as excited about it as I was. It was just the right combination.

Logo Revision 2.png

And I was right! Apart from one suggestion to add more of a curl to the tail of the ‘M’, the client was in love. This was a very simple project on the surface (just the logos), but the design challenge it presented was well-worth the effort. I learned a lot about combinations and the art of practice, practice, practice. Never doubt the importance of repetition! Sometimes doing something over and over does result in a different idea.

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Mel Tata Photography

Based in historical western New Hampshire, Mel Tata Photography provides whimsical, artistic, nature-inspired wedding and couples’ photography. With investment package names such as the Cypress, Juniper, or Sequoia, there’s a package for any and all needs! Melanie’s style is organic and beautiful - perfect for the unique couple looking for photography that’s as special as they are.


When I first announced via Instagram that I was taking design commissions, Melanie messaged me almost instantly! She had been delving deeper into the branding process, and wanted a logo and brand package to help her get started. I was more than happy to oblige, and we were off!

First step - the mood board. Melanie happily filled one of these out for me on Pinterest, so that I could get a better feel for her style and brand. Needless to say, there was lots of greenery!


Next up, I put together some rough sketches for her. I like to sketch out several ideas based on my client’s style, narrow them down to three choices, and present. This part is very ‘hands-on’, which I love.

We decided to go with two iterations of these - one version would include the vertical Polaroid-shape emulating the Polaroid snapshots she gives to her clients, and the other version would be a type of monogram that she could use for other things (favicon, profile picture, etc).

mel tata photography

Voila! Along with the logos and elements, I like to include both a bigger brand book and a mini brand guide like the one above for my clients - it’s something they can print and refer to at a glance for color codes and fonts, as well as remember key parts of their brand.

Melody was simply a joy to work with. She not only used her talent to create me a beautiful branding package, but also communicated quickly and made the whole process fun. She answered all my questions, took my suggestions and still kept her creative voice within in the project. She exceeded my expectations, especially in the timely manner she put everything together. I feel honored to have a logo designed by her, and could not have gotten a better quality for price.
— Melanie, Mel Tata Photography

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