Now that the holidays are over, and the rush from event to event has tapered off, it’s nice to have things back to normal again. The decorations have been packed away for next year, but instead of it seeming dull and dreary, it actually makes for a cleaner, brighter palette again. I love the way my home feels wide open and fresh, with the bright winter light shining in during the day. My mom and I talked about how this is the time of year when we can settle in, breathe, and rest - enjoying the quiet after the busy season. She props her Christmas tree outside as a safe shelter for the birds to hide in, and I let my wreath stay up until at least February (or until the last of the needles are strewn across my little deck).


Today I’m enjoying quiet time inside with my thick socks, wood fire, hot coffee and a new project to work on. There’s no pressure to finish it on time, no color specifics to tempt anyone but me; it’s something simple and satisfying to work up in the grey hours of the afternoon.


It’s this time of year that makes me want to work on something for me - a restful project that gives me a little bit of purpose, but not stressful. As I settle into the muffled, quiet patterns of wintry calmness, I love taking the time to enjoy something relaxing and creative.

Why don’t you join me with one of my DIY kits? I currently offer two kits - one for a simple wall hanging, and one for a simple macrame plant hanger. These are both very easy and therapeutic to make, and include everything you need to finish the project.

This winter, I encourage you to rest and learn at your own pace. Embrace the quiet days of cold, and let them be a time of refreshment and peace. Share them with friends and a big pot of soup, or a few hours spent over coffee! Start a little book discussion, or have a listening party. However you spend your winter, I wish you rest and joy.

Give Thanks

I know it’s a little late for Thanksgiving and Christmas is in full swing, but I wanted to share a few glimpses into our family Thanksgiving celebration! Between work and school, I didn’t have time to help prepare any food for the feast, so instead I was given full jurisdiction over the table decor and design. Just the kind of creative fun I needed!

Early on Thanksgiving morning, I bundled up in snowpants and winter coat, along with hat and gloves, to go search out some red berry bushes (I still have no idea what they’re actually called). I found some on a stone wall a few minutes from home, and gathered an armful of the bright branches.

At the house, I began decorating the table. First, a red damask-style tablecloth. Next, a thrifted wooden candelabra, with red and white tapers. I then filled vases and jars with red berries and faux greenery, along with a few harvest pieces. I had a few colorful gourds leftover from my fall decor, as well as a hardy little pumpkin. These gathered around the candelabra, along with more red berries.

I then laid out the plates and silverware and glassware, along with some hand-painted place cards for each guest. These were really fun and simple to make - just a rectangle of cardstock, folded in half and placed on each plate.


Next, I turned my attention to the kitchen island (my parents have an open-concept dining room and kitchen). The island would hold a selection of appetizers, so I wanted to be sure it had its own share of decor. A vase of more greenery and berries adorned the space next to a tray of goodies.

Last, I hung a little hand-painted sign next to the refrigerator on the end of a tall bookcase. Just a little reminder to give thanks, continually and daily, for all that we have. (Pro-tip: Goodwill sometimes has cheap clipboards, and they make wonderful displays for artwork!).

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our day’s festivities! Creating a beautiful and welcoming space is so rewarding, especially when friends and family are gathering to celebrate together. On to Christmas!