Diablo Moon

Designing a monogram logo is not as easy as you might think! For Diablo Moon, my client asked me if I could possibly combine a moon, a devil, and the letters ‘D’ and ‘M’ into a single monogram-style logo - as well as a spelled-out version! I was fresh out of school and excited to start developing freelance design work with all my newfound free time (sort of - I do still have an actual job), so I signed on immediately.

Cut to a road trip to PA with a friend and sketching out those two letters over and over, trying to combine them into something that met both the client’s expectations and my own high standards for my design work. It was really difficult, more so than I was anticipating.

I ranged from extremely conceptual to extremely bare-boned minimalist, and nothing seemed to work right. The three versions above morphed into even more sketches, but to no avail. Finally, I stumbled upon just the right typeface, which magically went together beautifully with sketch #2 (above)! I threw some concepts together, adding a tail here, horns there, etc. I sent it off to the client and waited with bated breath, even though I had an idea she’d be just as excited about it as I was. It was just the right combination.

Logo Revision 2.png

And I was right! Apart from one suggestion to add more of a curl to the tail of the ‘M’, the client was in love. This was a very simple project on the surface (just the logos), but the design challenge it presented was well-worth the effort. I learned a lot about combinations and the art of practice, practice, practice. Never doubt the importance of repetition! Sometimes doing something over and over does result in a different idea.

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