Tagged Beanies: Chunky Knits by Melody Fulone

While I adore the look of fine knits, with colorwork and lace and fancy techniques, there's something to be said for chunky knits. They're everywhere! And they're so cozy and easy to create. 

chunky knit beanies

A few years ago, I designed the pattern for these beanies - knitted in the 'welted' style, they resemble a beehive with a giant pompom at the top. They're super stretchy, and they look great on a variety of face shapes and head sizes. These beanies are available in my shop for $25 apiece! See all of them here.

chunky knit beanie

And don't those labels look beautiful? A few weeks ago, I was sent a voucher for some unique woven labels through Dutch Label Shop. They're located in Philadelphia, and they make clothing tags and labels using literally any design you send them! At first, I didn't think I could use labels, but then I realized I could be tagging my weavings, scarves, and beanies with them! So I sent along my logo, and in a few days I received my tags in the mail. They're beautiful. The style I purchased is a basic center fold with a selvage edge for hemming. 

custom woven labels
custom woven labels

Don't they look great? They're smooth and professional, and they brand my products beautifully. If you're ever in need of some really well-made woven labels, I recommend Dutch Label Shop. I will be using them again in the future!

A Kind Legacy: How I Inherited a Bounty of Unspun Fiber by Melody Fulone

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to take an introductory weaving class at Harrisville Designs - taught by the amazing Tom Jipson. I learned how to warp and weave several patterns on a little 22" floor loom, and it was one of the best fiber experiences of my life. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. You can see a bit of my process over on my Instagram @melodyfulonefiberartist, and Harrisville even shared my work on their own Instagram @harrisvilledesigns

weaving class with tom jipson
weaving class with tom jipson

During this class, I received a call from a friend of a friend, whom I had met at the IF Gathering this spring and again at a Bible conference later in the summer. She told me a patient of hers was looking to donate fiber, both unspun and spun, to someone who would use it. This patient had just had her husband pass away, and he was apparently a big deal in the textile world. Not an artist exactly, but a textile quality control guru. He had many accomplishments and involvements connected with his name, and when he passed away, he left behind boxes and boxes of fiber. She wanted them to go to someone who would use them. I had just learned how to spin on a simple drop spindle, and I'm always looking to expand my collection of high-quality materials, so I called her and we set up a meeting. 

fiber materials

That Saturday, I drove down to Rhode Island and to her beautiful house by the river. She was the sweetest lady, with shiny bangles and a kind face. I went through boxes and boxes of this amazing stuff, and filled a few boxes and bags of my own. My apartment won't allow for much expansion in my materials collection, but I couldn't bear to take less than four boxes. (Four... kind of big boxes). 

fiber materials

How wonderful is this? My plan is to spin most if not all of the fiber into yarn that I will then use in my weavings and textiles. (Granted, cashmere fiber is notoriously difficult to spin because it has almost no staple, but we'll get past that little roadblock.)  I also hope to use the actual yarn for projects too. This is incredibly beautiful stuff that I'm privileged to use in my work. People are kind and thoughtful, and I've made another friend in the fiber arts world that I'll be sharing my work with. Stay tuned!

cashmere fiber
spinning fiber

Handwoven Scarves by Melody Fulone

Since investing in a rigid heddle loom, I've been obsessed with creating plaid scarves. They come together so beautifully, and the colors available to me are rich and beautiful. Plus, there's something so classic about plaid! It looks good with anything, and is effortlessly cool. I decided to list five handwoven scarves for you to choose from, in colors that will go with denim, leather, or a complimentary plaid.

handwoven scarves

The wool I use is 100% virgin wool, which means that it will only get softer with each wash, and will meld together EVEN MORE over time. The wool will wear well, and last for years and years. These are truly heirloom scarves. Although they may have small defects due to their handmade nature, these little bits add to the character of each scarf. 


You can visit these scarves in my shop. Available: the Buffalo Scarf, the Black Buffalo Scarf, the Drift Ranch Scarf, the Copper Gorge Scarf, and the Navy Plaid Scarf

Questions? Want to commission a custom order? Email me at melodyfulone@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post!