Apotheca Weaving Workshop Recap

As part of my month-long feature at Apotheca in August, I got to teach a weaving workshop! I never taught a workshop before, and had very little experience teaching at all, but I was so excited for this opportunity. I learned a lot too, and I think future workshops might be in the making. A few things I learned:

-If possible, prepare a large-scale example of what you will be teaching. In my case, for next time I would wind a big picture frame with rope or string to demonstrate the weaving techniques I was teaching, in addition to making my way around the table and giving individual help.

-Be sure to have plenty of yarn on hand. Luckily I had enough yarn for everyone, thanks to my giant stash at home, but you definitely don't want to run out halfway through the class, and you want your students to be able to take some yarn home to finish their projects.

-Have a few different 'stages' of your project ready. I showed how to wrap the loom, and at the end of the workshop I brought out a weaving I had finished that was still on the frame, and demonstrated how to get the weaving off the frame successfully.

I was able to snap a few photos on my phone of the workshop, and am hoping to get better photos with my real camera next time! Enjoy: