Twine Air Plant Hanger - Crochet Pattern

I first began crocheting with jute twine back when I was asked to create a series of lampshades for Nando's in Maryland. They resembled upside-down baskets and I had to paint them and it was a whole thing, but it taught me a lot about working with different fibers and learning to be flexible (ha) with my creativity. Working with twine led me to create more twine patterns, including tiny baskets and coasters.

Crochet Twine Air Plant Hanger Pattern

This latest pattern is a simple air plant hanger for the wall. You'll crochet pockets for the air plants and learn how to crochet with twine!

crochet twine plant hanger

You'll need:

  • Librett's Biodegradable Jute Twine
  • N hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Wooden dowel
supplies for your own crochet air plant hanger

This pattern is available as a $5 download in my shop or on my Ravelry. Have fun, and always reach out to me with any questions you might have!

Plants in Pots on the Deck

Since moving to a solo apartment, I've expanded my plant collection quite a bit. I currently own three succulents, three string-of-pearls, a painted leaf plant, a pepperomia, two ivy plants, and a big sun-loving plant that I cannot remember the name of. I also have a few cherry tomato plants growing on my deck, along with lavender and rosemary. 

Plants in Pots on the Deck

My ivy plant was bought on clearance at Lowe's and came back to life quite satisfactorily. It is thriving in a big pot on my coffee table under the sunny window, but I wanted more ivy elsewhere in the house, and preferably in a smaller pot. So I chopped a few stems, stuck them in a glass of water, and waited for roots to grow. Now, I guess you can actually just plant the chopped stems right away if you want, but I neglected to Google this and just let them root in the water at first. This worked out, and I think gave them a stronger foundation. I spent some time doing this on Saturday after yet another trip to Lowe's expanded my plant collection to include a mini green succulent with red tips and a blue-green succulent called 'blue chalk tips'.

plants in pots on the deck (2).JPG

I settled in on the deck and began re-potting. I used regular planting soil (regular in my mind -  there are so many types of soil!) for the ivy cuttings, and well-draining cactus soil for the succulents.

Plants in Pots on the Deck
plants in pots on the deck (7).JPG
Plants in Pots on the Deck

Now I have a beautiful array of plants everywhere, that get moved at will. Poor things! Sometimes I can't decide where to put them. But there's something about green growing things around the house that make it a home. Have you ventured into the world of plants? Do you have a favorite plant? How about a favorite planting tip? Start the discussion below!