My Favorite Creatives to Follow on Instagram

My favorite creatives to follow on Instagram Today I wanted to share my favorite creatives to follow on Instagram! Man, there are so many amazing and talented people out there. I decided to choose 10 favorites! Go follow them and get inspired - they're pretty awesome.

1. The Merriweather Council (@merriweatherc). This is the business account of Danielle Spurge, an extremely creative and helpful individual. She sells beautiful embroidered goods and kits, and uses the rest of her time to offer personal consulting packages. She also co-hosts the small-business-focused podcast She Percolates!

2. Gulush Threads (@gulushthreads). Kristen makes gorgeous custom embroidered pieces, and she's one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. Her business literally supports her family, which I think is amazing. Her feed is full of bright colors and intricate stitches, and she's inspiring as well.

3. A Girl Named Leney (@agirlnamedleney). Leney was recently one of Etsy's Featured Sellers, and for good reason! She designs lovely knitwear, and is also a traveling photographer. Her feed has everything from sailing to faraway places to style layouts.

4. By Regina (@byreginatv). This girl is awesome! She shares some of the most comprehensive and helpful resources for blogging and small businesses, and is a successful entrepreneur herself. Definitely follow her for valuable tips and information!

5. Kwanalee (@kwanalee). I love Kendra's artwork! She makes nerdy look classy - just check out her prints of R2-D2 and Groot!

6. Made by Betty B (@madebybettyb). Bridget sells gorgeous dreamcatchers made from vintage doilies, lace, and ribbon. I love her work!

7. Hello Lovely People (@hellolovelypeople_). I love Kristin's feed! She paints simple, beautiful family portraits and her photos are full of watercolor gorgeousness.

8.  A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifullmessofficial). I know, I know, you probably already follow these talented people, but they were kind of a no-brainer to add to the list! I love the color, textures, and inspiration from ABM. Plus, if you add special tags to your photos like #ABMlifeiscolorful (colorful artwork or scenes) or #ABMlifeissweet (sweets, of course), they may just share your photo!

9. Elsie Larson (@elsielarson). Elsie is one of the co-founders of A Beautiful Mess and her feed is just as cute as the main company! I love her style, her interior decor, and the gorgeous textures in her feed.

10. This Way to the Circus (@thiswaytothecircus). Boe's charming feed is full of painted plant pots, clay jewelry, and London goodness.

Follow these makers - you won't be disappointed! Thank you for letting me share 10 of my favorite creatives with you. Happy Friday!