Society 6 Artwork

I recently discovered Society 6 (I know - where have I been?) and promptly uploaded some of my designs to share. I love that they let you showcase your artwork in new ways - you can put your art on phone cases, T-shirts, leggings, pillows, mugs, laptop cases, and more. Very cool! I got a little carried away on my first visit to the website, but I think I'm calm now (maybe).

My florals look amazing on their phone cases - I'm so happy with the way they turned out! Their prices are great too. Pssst - a new phone case makes a great gift!

The art prints are also amazing. My hand-lettered pieces are now available in 7" x 10" prints for mini-art you can display or give away. I love how professional they look. This is something I could never achieve on my own.

I'm even selling a mug, laptop skins, laptop cases, and iPad cases! Wouldn't it be cool to give a gift that no one else will have?

Click here to view my entire Society 6 shop. Don't forget to pin & share if you like what you see!