Printable Holiday Wreath

IMG_1444-1 Ring in the season with this festive and rustic printable holiday wreath! Print it and use it as stationery for holiday party invitations, hand letter a holiday greeting in it and frame it, or leave as is! The possibilities are vast. I'm planning on printing out a bunch of 4x6 prints and writing a seasonal greeting in them as a Christmas card, myself. I've been practicing my hand lettering and illustration lately with The Little Book of Handlettering and the Handlettering Ledger, and I can't wait to implement what I've learned! If you don't want to print, this would also make a beautiful phone background.

Download here: [download id="3314"].


Bonus: Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK, and I've started listening to early Christmas music! My playlist currently includes The Oh Hello's Christmas EP, music from the movie Elf, and Rend Collective's Campfire Christmas. What are you listening to, and how do you ring in the holiday season?

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Travel safe, eat much, and get started on those gifts!

Home for the Holidays Desktop Wallpaper

As part of my job at the library, I get to put together displays and brand them according to season or theme. So far I've created a display for pet lovers (including such favorites as Marley and Me and The Art of Racing in the Rain), Brit Lit (exclusively British authors, of course), and Get Lost in Space (lots of sci-fi and fantasy if you like that sort of thing). Each display gets its own special flyer, bookmarks, and a blurb on the slideshow at the circulation desk. I try to highlight genres and collections that could be circulated a little more often, but that's beside the point. (Forgive me if I go a little librarian on you guys - 3 out of the 5 jobs I've ever had have been at libraries!). For the holidays (Thanksgiving through Christmas), I decided to go with a handmade theme, focusing on handmade gifts, cooking food, hosting tips, and family stories. The sign I hand-lettered on a piece of foam core board spray painted with chalkboard paint and lettered with chalk. It was so fun getting to exercise a little creativity and make the sign myself - I love how it turned out! Home for the Holidays

In order to create bookmarks and flyers to match the display, I had to digitize the artwork. It was much easier than I expected, and the results were so great! I love that it captured the handmade essence of the drawing (definitely not perfect) and the colors. Once done, I realized this would make a beautiful and festive desktop background! Remember how I was saying I wanted to offer more art and illustration downloads for you? This is me taking a step toward making that happen more often. So here's a brand new download just for you - the Home for the Holidays desktop wallpaper, in two different resolutions. Happy holidays, and merry Christmas! Enjoy for the season!


[download id="3282"]


[download id="3289"]