Spring DIYs: 6 Projects to Give You Spring Fever

Spring DIYs 6 Projects to Give You Spring Fever Spring is in the air, and it's time to get crafty! Here are six DIYs to give you spring fever.

Fresh Flower Crown Fresh Flower Crown

  1. Fresh Flower Crown. No flowers yet where you live? Stop by the grocery store and pick up a little bouquet! This project is super easy, and so beautiful for springtime. Plan a picnic and make flower crowns with your friends! Or use this as an activity for a bridal shower or tea party. The possibilities are vast.

Dip Dyed Doilies

Dip Dyed Doilies

2. Dip Dyed Doilies. Give mini vintage doilies a makeover with a simple dip dye of paint and water. These make gorgeous favors or simple decorations for the house.

Upcycled Dress

3. Upcycled Floral Dress. Any oversized floral dress from the 90s will do for this DIY - just go to your local Goodwill and snag one with a print you like!

Easy Embroidered Wall Art

4. Easy Embroidered Wall Art. Put your needle and thread to work with this easy French knot work of art. The ombre effect is super simple to achieve - try a star or a violet!

Floral Embroidered Cuff

5. Embroidered Wrap Cuff. Spice up an old piece of jersey fabric with a few lazy daisies, and wrap that beauty around your wrist! The perfect springtime boho look - and you made it yourself!

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Shirt

6. DIY Anthropologie Inspired Shirt. Last but not least, my hands-down most popular DIY tutorial ever. Pick up a cheap (clean!) button-down from your local thrift store and a lace curtain while you're at it. All you need after that is a sewing machine and a pair of scissors to create this gorgeous top.

I hope these projects inspired you to get crafting! There are so many cool ideas out there - follow me on Pinterest for more ideas!


Easy Dip Dyed Doilies

Easy Dip Dyed Doilies This weekend I had the urge to play with my doily stash some more! So far I've molded them into favor baskets and sewn them to bias tape for an easy garland. After a little thought, I decided to create these easy dip dyed doilies!

Easy Dip Dyed Doilies

You'll need:

  • Vintage doilies (check out Rachael's Scraps!)
  • Acrylic paint in desired colors
  • Water
  • Bowl or plastic container

Easy Dip Dyed DoiliesSquirt about a 2" blob of paint in your container or bowl.

Easy Dip Dyed Doilies

Pour in about a half to 3/4 cup of water and mix well.

Easy Dip Dyed Doilies Easy Dip Dyed Doilies Easy Dip Dyed Doilies

Dip your doily a little less than halfway into the mixture, and allow excess paint to drip off. (I say only halfway because the solution will soak up farther in the doily than you think - I accidentally dyed an entire doily by not leaving enough wiggle room!) Let as much of the mixture drip off as you can, giving it a little shake if necessary.

Easy Dip Dyed Doilies Easy Dip Dyed Doilies

After excess is mostly dripped off, allow to dry on paper towels, turning occasionally to prevent sticking. And voila! Use these as coasters, greeting card embellishments, thread a thick needle and string them onto twine for a quick garland, or sew them onto a pillow - the possibilities are pretty extensive here. I love the idea of using these for a wedding - you could dye the doilies and then make them into the favor baskets I designed! You can even try dyeing the other half of the doilies with another color for a fun two-tone look. Have fun!

Easy Dip Dyed Doilies