Blog Goals 2016: Check-In!

We're about 4.5 months in to 2016, and so far - I've kept my New Year's resolution! Regarding this blog at least. Welcome to Blog Goals 2016: The Check-In. Back in January, I wrote this post, My Blog Goals for 2016, about (you guessed it) my blog goals for 2016. In that post, I wrote that I decided to stop trying to sell physical goods (in this case, my crochet jewelry). I put my Etsy shop on vacation for a bit and focused on keeping this blog solely a creative space. I do still offer places where you can purchase my knit & crochet pattern PDFs, but otherwise I am not selling physical goods through Melmaria Designs anymore. Which is just fine with me! Blog Goals 2016 Check In

In my post, I wrote: I hope to make this website an inspiring place where people can go to look for new ideas, make a new project, learn a new skill, or read an entertaining story (working in a public library provides me with plenty of fodder, let me tell you!). Because of my prior commitments (full time job and full time school), I can’t afford to make this blog and website a stressful thing to maintain – I want to keep the fun in it. I still knit for relaxation, and I want to always be able to do that. I’ll probably lose half my followers, but I don’t need to worry about that kind of thing. Let’s enjoy creating for what it is, and have fun!

And I have! More people than ever are reading my DIY posts and following my Instagram, and I'm even thinking about possibly offering a beginner's crochet class. My email list has grown exponentially, and I'm going to have been published in not one but THREE Stampington publications by August! I even have a possible social media marketing opportunity in the future.

Blog Goals 2016 Check In

These opportunities have only reinforced my theory - creativity will only be rewarding if you don't force it or stress about it. And it's true! Once I let go of trying to make money and "get famous" through my blog and my crafts, the exciting stuff began to happen. I love it. I still harbor a secret wish to someday do this stuff full-time, or at least go back to working part-time and doing creative stuff on the side. In the meantime, I'm working hard, earning my degree, and gaining experience. Life is good!

So far, Blog Goals 2016 is still a go, and I'm excited to see where this blog goes in the next year. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few personal goals with you too.

  1. Buy or obtain a piano - I miss playing and learning music so much
  2. Climb at least 5 mountains this summer
  3. Take at least one big trip
  4. Design a line of light fixtures
  5. Develop my marketing skills

What are some goals you've set for 2016? Personal or professional, I'd love to hear!