Crochet Heart Tutorial

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but these crochet hearts can be whipped up any time of the year for a special garland, greeting card decoration, elbow patch, pin, etc. Only one round is needed, and three different stitches are used. I've included a video tutorial (hope you like Debussy!) and step-by-step photos, as well as written instructions at the bottom. 

Music - Arabesque by Claude Debussy. I promise I tried to crochet slowly! Do please let me know if you have any questions, and refer to the photos below for more details.

Chain 5. Single crochet in second chain from hook, half double crochet in next chain, double crochet in next chain, 4 double crochets in next (last) chain, chain 3, slip stitch in same chain, chain 3, 4 double crochets in same chain (on opposite side of knot).

Working on opposite side of foundation chain, double crochet in next chain, half double crochet in next chain, single crochet in next chain, join with slip stitch to first single crochet, fasten off. Weave in the tails using a tapestry needle, and pull with your fingers to adjust heart shape. Ta-da!

I'm serious - thread these on a piece of yarn for an easy garland, alternating with dried citrus slices and eucalyptus for a scented touch, or glue one to a Valentine's card, or even stitch them to your clothes! Many possibilities. Enjoy!