From The Phone

A lot of my photography happens on my phone now, which is both good and bad because I want to use my Canon wayyy more than I do, but my iPhone is just so convenient and the quality isn't too bad. Plus it's light and I always have it with me. Anyway! Here's a little tour of the last few months, in photo form. IMG_1885 IMG_1943 IMG_1977 IMG_2028 IMG_2088 IMG_2142 IMG_2174 IMG_2229 IMG_2231 IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2239

Hand Dyed Lace Rings

hand dyed lace rings from melmaria designs New in my shop! These hand dyed lace rings are stained with natural herbal teas - you choose from raspberry or apple spice. After crocheting each ring from cotton thread, I dye them by hand using natural tea. The raspberry tea stains to a beautiful pale pink, while the apple spice tea stains to a subtle pink color with light orange undertones. Enjoy a complimentary tea bag inside your package with each ring!

hand dyed lace rings from melmaria designs

These lace rings are also custom made to fit - choose your own ring size and I will make your ring accordingly! I like to use the Zales ring sizer - you can find the chart here.

hand dyed lace rings from melmaria designs

Visit these rings in my shop for more information!