Curious to learn more about how my branding process works? Don’t worry - it’s easy! Whether you just need a simple logo or a whole new website, I can help you out, and this process will help us get closer to your goals!


You contact me, we talk about what you’re looking for, and I provide you with an estimate. You’ll then fill out a questionnaire to help me compile a creative brief and contract for your project, and a final estimate. This part is free!


I send over the contract, you sign and pay the initial 30%, and we get working! I send all invoices through Paypal, which can be paid without the need for a Paypal account on your end. I also accept old-fashioned checks, of course.


You’ll get some rough sketches from me, depending on what type of project we are working on together. If I’m designing a website for you, you may get actual digital prototypes instead. Once we’ve decided on a direction, I’ll send you drafts until we’ve reached the final stage. Your feedback is greatly valued throughout the design process, so expect lots of communication from me!


Once we’ve finished the final product, I’ll send the final invoice. After that’s settled, I’ll send you the final files as well as opportunity for testimonials and feedback.

That’s it! Ready to get started? Fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch!

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