This fascination with fiber and turning it into things never really goes away - I'm at work on my lunch break and wishing I'd brought one of my latest projects with me. My hands don't really know what to do without a hook or pair of needles in them. Is that bad?

I'm typing this on my phone which means it won't be center-formatted the way I like, but that's okay. I want to write more 'everyday' posts like this so that whoever reads my blog gets to know me a little better. :)
Right now my project list includes:
-An elbow-length pair of mesh fingerless gloves (custom order from Etsy)
-A colorwork pair of yoga socks (more of an experiment than anything)
-A new tutorial that I can't wait to share! (hope y'all like it)
And several more that I may or may not finish - such is my creative life!
What are you (my readers) working on these days? I'd love to hear! Also I have a Twitter and Instagram for my designs now: @melmariadesigns (Twitter) and ️melmariadesigns (Instagram). Follow me and connect with me! I try to post regularly, and I find that both of those platforms are easier and more accessible than Facebook.
Okay, back to work now - stay tuned for a new pattern and that tutorial I was talking about!