Work In Progress

Lace espadrilles. I love the name 'espadrilles'. It's basically a fancy-sounding name that means 'sneakers' in French, but it has a beautiful ring to it.

I was surfing Pinterest the other day and found a cute tutorial for upcycling old flip-flops into flats or slippers. Here's the picture I found. 

They looked adorable for comfortable slippers and I loved the idea of using the pre-made, soft sole of a flip-flop as the base of a crochet shoe. My mind began to form new ideas...

What about using linen instead of worsted weight? Or even mercerized cotton and scaling the whole design down to a sturdy yet delicate design? What about making motifs instead of crocheting around? Inspiration flows.

If I get my camera fixed, I'll be posting pictures soon!