Winter is Coming // New Apartment

The past few weeks have been an emotional, stressful, and exhausting whirlwind, but things are starting to settle down. First of all, I moved. I now live in a little flat on the second floor of an old house in the suburbs. This apartment is delightful, and full of wonderful things like wood floors, lots of bright windows, and lots of cabinet/closet space. Hello photography! And hello easy cleaning. Stay tuned for more (and hopefully better) 'lifestyle' photos (and possibly a few tutorials along the way!).


Isn't it cute? You can catch a glimpse of the organizing difficulties I'm having in the lefthand photo. All of my craft supplies and yarn simply have nowhere to go. Pinterest has been my best resource lately in looking for decorating and organization tips. Just take a peek at my Spaces board - I've been going crazy!

And winter is coming. I am most looking forward to:

eating // hot, comforting stews and delicious skillet meals. Not to mention bread. learning // how to budget wisely and create a time management system. trying // to apply to college and continue my education. cooking // recipes from this wonderful cookbook from my dear friend Elison: What to Cook and How to Cook It. Easily my favorite cookbook ever. traveling // to the mountains in the winter, and to the seaside for a hot drink and brisk winds. practicing // my painting and typography skills. drinking // more water! remembering // good things, without letting nostalgia pull me down. wearing // lots of chunky knits, layers, flannels, tights, and dresses. finishing // a crazy quilt-type blanket I've been crocheting for literally years. playing // more piano, any chance I get. reading // a classic every month that I haven't read. working // on my verbal and written communication skills, both for work and daily life.

What are some things you're most looking forward to this winter?