Welcome to the New!

I am so excited to welcome you to my new home on the Interwebs! Melmaria Designs is finally its own website. It may not be super professional or polished, but it's mine - domain name, hosting, customization and all. I put a lot of work into it and I'm so happy with the results. Work_With_Me

While you're here, check out the Work With Me page! You can either a) email me directly or b) fill out this awesome, handy-dandy form I wrote up for you and choose which method you'd like to learn more about! Right now I'm offering knit & crochet pattern editing, product photography, and collaborations. I love helping fellow creatives and I look forward to working with you!



I'm also offering monthly sponsorships! Check out the Sponsor page to fill out the awesome form I have there for you and choose your sponsor ad size! Right now I'm offering Large and Small. Large ads are 230px by 345px for $20/mo, and include a spotlight post about you or your shop/website, while Small ads are 230px by 170px for $10/mo. If this is something you would be interested in, contact me and we'll talk!

Thank you SO much for visiting Melmaria Designs! I look forward to meeting you and bringing more creativity to my little corner of the web. Have a wonderful day!