By creating purposefully handmade fiber artwork and design goods, I seek to enrich the lives of the people around me with unique and beautiful pieces.

Versatile Classic Knitted Headband

Versatile Classic Knitted Headband Hi friends! It's finally somewhat cold outside, although temperamental - it's either FREEZING or just a little damp. Either way, I've been on a huge knitting spree. I have a ton of wool yarn left over from that custom knit lamp order I created a few months ago, and have been looking for ways to use it up. A few weeks ago I decided to design this easy knitted headband.

Versatile Classic Knitted Headband

Now, normally I hate myself in hats. I really don't wear them. I LOVE making them and giving them away, and I love how they look on other people, but I've never been confident with myself in hats. However, this headband looks great! It's one of my favorites and looks good over a messy bun. It's super versatile and easy to wear. I'm able to either wear it flat or wear it twisted, and it looks good both ways. Plus it's nice and warm! The basic garter stitch holds a lot of warmth in those ridges and bumps, and it's repetitive and easy.

Versatile Classic Knitted Headband

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