Upcycled Shirt Collar DIY

The other day I decided this black crew neck shirt I have was just too plain. So I decided to decorate it a little bit! 
I hopped on Pinterest and found this easy, pretty chart for a crochet edging. 
Courtesty of Celenaa (owner of a French blog and Etsy shop. She may have gotten this chart from somewhere else, but the point is, I take no credit for it whatsoever!)
I crocheted two strips of this edging in a soft white sock-weight yarn (actually salvaged from a Goodwill sweater) and sewed them together by the flat edges. 

The collar is all sewn on, but I haven't sewn the buttons on yet. I think they finish it really well, but I'm not quite sure about the green. We'll see!
Try this easy upcycle on one of your own tees for some old-fashioned lace charm!