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Upcycled Fashion: Floral Shirt Dress

Upcycled Floral Shirt Dress Welcome to another upcycled fashion post! These are my favorite kind of DIY - I love making over old clothing, especially those giant 90s floral dresses from Goodwill. All you need to do is chop off the hem, cut out those puffy shoulder pads, and do a little seaming up the sides to cinch it in. Easy!

Upcycled Floral Shirt Dress


You'll need:

  • Sewing machine with coordinating thread
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Dress that's too big, too long, etc.

Upcycled Floral Shirt Dress

Start by cutting off the shoulder pads, if your dress has any. Be careful not to cut any important bits! You can also trim your sleeves here, if they're too long.

Upcycled Floral Shirt Dress


Next, mark where you want your new hemline to be, and lay out your dress flat to cut. Try to keep it as even as possible! Put on the dress inside-out and pin up the sides to where you want it to hug your body, leaving a little bit of wiggle room. Go ahead and sew these two side seams right up to the underarm.

Upcycled Floral Shirt Dress


Sew a row of zigzag stitch around your sleeve edges, and you're finished! Side note: when I was cutting off the bottom part of my dress, I accidentally made it too short! To fix this, I trimmed the piece I had cut off (it was already hemmed at the bottom, remember), ran a quick and loose seam around the top edge, gathered it, and sewed the ruffle to the hemline (right sides together, flip it down). It turned out SUPER cute. If you did not make a mistake and cut your dress too short, just skip to hemming it or zigzag-stitching it.

Upcycled Floral Shirt Dress Upcycled Floral Shirt Dress

And you're finished! So 1940's chic. Enjoy your new summer dress!


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