Upcycled Chic: Tips for Refashioning

Upcycled Chic- Tips for Refashioning Clothing

What if you could create an entire summer wardrobe from a few oversized dresses from Goodwill? What if your next trending piece came from Savers, not Forever 21? Imagine saving money, looking great, and helping the economy and environment - just by learning a few simple techniques!

I love refashioning clothing. Knowing that I have the tools and ability to turn an old and out-of-date garment into a new piece that I'll love wearing is so wonderful. Seriously. If you have a sewing machine and access to thrift stores, you are going to love this book. Get out there and start thrifting! Trust me - this will expand your creativity, garner you lots of compliments and where-did-you-get-thats, and even custom requests for clothing.


  • places to go
  • what to look for
  • how to refashion a garment
  • a bonus project!

Some sewing experience recommended. This book is for inspiration and tips only - there are no exact sewing instructions included, aside from sewing straight seams and a simple hemming technique. I've included a few links to some easy sewing techniques for you to learn!

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