Unkink Yarn Using a Tea Kettle!

I may be a genius. I remembered hearing about this idea, but when I tried searching for it, nothing came up! So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Here's what you do:
Fill the kettle a quarter of the way with water. Put your yarn ball in a bowl so it doesn't go anywhere. Thread the yarn in the kettle and up out through the spout. Bring the water to a simmer and put the lid on loosely. Slowly pull on the yarn through the spout, letting the steam permeate the fibers and smooth it out. Begin winding into a new ball.

The finished ball! Look at those smooth fibers.
There you have it! Just make sure you don't simmer your water down to nothing - keep it a quarter of the way full so you're not cooking an empty kettle on the burner. Warning: this takes a bit of time to wind into a new ball while slowly pulling the yarn through the kettle - grab a chair and get comfortable!