Throwback Thursday: First Pattern Ever Designed!

I realize I'm posting this a bit late in the day, but better late than never, right? 
This is the very first pattern I ever designed - the Versailles fingerless gloves! I remember I had just bought two skeins of Vanna's Glamour in silver and gold, and I decided to try creating a pair of gloves with the gold using a lacy stitch pattern. Turned out better than I expected, and I ended up writing out the pattern and posting it on Ravelry. For way too cheap, of course - it's still available for only $1.50. I might think about raising the price soon, but for now it's $1.50! 
What I love about it: The stretchy, sport-weight yarn that molded to the stitch pattern and the way the lacy stitches conformed to the thumbhole so well. 
What I would do differently today: I would probably design the gloves to be a bit longer, and maybe crochet an extension onto the thumbhole.