Thoughts on the Handmade Business

Thoughts on the Handmade Business When I first started turning this blog and my shop into a 'handmade business', I honestly didn't realize how much work it would take. Or how stressful it would become.

I didn't know how many people are out there selling how-to guides for marketing, photography, SEO, Pinterest, Instagram. I didn't know how much money I would sink into spending for my business. I was told the investment would be worth it, that you needed to lose a little money in order to make a little money. So I did.

The guides were helpful. Maybe not worth the money, but they were helpful. The real reason nothing was working? I had lost my enjoyment. My favorite hobbies had become stressful and hard, because I had placed this huge burden on my shoulders of getting my work out there, paying for ads and pitching to blogs, trying everything I could to get sales and actually make money. And that's where it all went downhill.

It can't be about the money.

See, it can't be about the money. Maybe if this business was my full-time job, it would be, but it's not. This is a side business, a hobby that pays. Once I figured that out, things began to fall into place. I can't make this about sales or recognition or clicks or likes. I LOVE what I do, and if I let go of that and forget that I love it, I won't succeed.

So here's to going back to basics. Here's to taking pictures and blogging and designing and creating for the fun of it. Not for the dollars. Not for the recognition. Not for other people. I want to make pretty things and take pride in improving my skills and crafts. I'd love to teach a class at some point. I want to improve my photography. I'd love to do some styled shoots with my jewelry and beanies and scarves. I want to share more lifestyle photos with you, show you my apartment and the food I've been cooking. I want to give you more downloadables - pretty desktop wallpaper, printable invitations, and inspirational backgrounds. So that's what I'm going to do. No more stress, and no more worrying about the results.

Create for the fun of it.