The Ramblings of Running on Overtime

I don't know how many of you actually read this to READ this, but here's a big chunk of real text for you to interpret.
I have been insanely busy lately. 
At least, insanely busy by my standards. I jumped from working two days a week to five days, thanks to a new exhibit opening, and am trying very hard not to complain. It is a huge blessing to be given so many extra hours, but it's also exhausting. And before you go saying "Wow, it's just like working a full-time job, isn't it, Mel?" let me just say that yes, it is like working a full-time job, along with a second job - my crafting and designing and blogging. I would say that I spend 30 hours a week working my day job and at least 20 more hours working my second 'job'. My day off today was nothing more than a day to get real things done, like grocery shopping and car maintenance and cleaning. 
Also I finally finished that item I was making with the yarn from this post. It took me so much longer than I thought it would, and I'm a fast worker! I am so glad to be finished with it and sending it off in the mail tomorrow. Hoping to find time to blog again - I miss it! There are still ideas floating around in my head, believe it or not. I am very happy with the way my crochet printmaking DIY turned out, and I even had Brittni from Paper & Stitch leave feedback on the project page for it over at Skillshare! That was encouraging. I want to make more things like that. It was fun.
Oh yeah, I brought my roommate's sad, drooping basil plant back to life today. Plants are amazing. This one needs to be repotted (I literally just typed 'repooted', almost kept it as a joke and decided not to) in a bigger pot, but I didn't have time, so instead I gave it a good drink and put it in my window along with my succulent plant with the yellow flowers. It perked up during the afternoon and by the time evening rolled around it wasn't droopy anymore! Maybe I have a natural knack for gardening. Maybe if I ever have time I'll buy some real plants to take care of.
Wow, I'm tired.
Anyway, thanks for reading this vent of exhaustion. You've had a little peek inside the clockworks of this operation, and they're running a little overtime right now. I think it's time for a bath and a good night's sleep.