Telluride Aran, Interweave Knits Winter 2014

This is my current 'big' project. I originally made a vest out of this yarn, but decided I didn't like it - I didn't use the right size needles and it wasn't working for me. Then I found out our library carries Interweave and snagged a few copies for a few weeks. In the Winter 2014 issue, I found this lovely sweater:
(c) Interweave Knits
Mmmm. Gorgeous!
(c) Interweave Knits
So I'm totally making it. 
I actually haven't crocheted/knitted a project from another designer's pattern in quite some time, so this has been really nice - just to follow along, not having to worry about writing down instructions as I go or anything like that. I may have to leave off the sleeves due to a lack of yarn, but it would make a cute sleeveless vest to wear over a floral button-down, right?
Eesh. It's going to look a little rustic, I'm afraid. I sized up the needles because I wanted it to be a little chunkier, and I'm using pre-used yarn which is all bumpy and squiggly, so my stitches are a wee bit wobbly. Oh well! I'm loving the cables.
If I finish this, I'll be sure to post about it. :)