Sweatshirt Upcycle Project

So I was given this sweatshirt about a week ago. I don't really wear sweatshirts, and the color was too...solid for me. So I put my refashioning skills to work and came up with this!
Bleached the sweatshirt by swirling it around in the washer with two parts water to one part bleach. Ran it through the rinse cycle and dried it in the dryer. 
Next, I took an old doily I had lying around (the kind with the linen center and lace edges) and pinned it to the neckline. I sewed around the lace edge and cut out the new neckline, trimming the edges.
And I have a new sweatshirt, one I'll actually wear! I hope this inspired you to make over some of your own clothes. There's a world of possibility out there in making use of old or unwanted clothing. Happy sewing!