Submitting Patterns to Knit and Crochet Publications: Tips 'n Tricks

A few years ago, soon after I started designing and selling my own patterns, I discovered that I could submit my designs to different publications through Ravelry's designer forums! Editors post calls for submissions semi-regularly, with guidelines and inspiration mood boards for prospective designers. I've submitted to and been published in Clotheshorse and Crochet One Skein Wonders, and have been accepted into Cooperative Press's Fresh Designs series as well. I may not be a widely-known designer, but in my small experience I have learned a few things about submitting to publications and I wanted to share them with you!

  • Always follow submission guidelines closely and don't leave anything out - swatches, photos, sketches - editors want to see it all. 
  •  Be clear and concise. Try not to be too flowery in your item description. Pick interesting words and make your idea sound amazing, but don't go overboard with your description! 
  • Photograph your swatch (if doing an e-mail submission) in natural light. I cannot stress this enough; natural light is the best option for any photos, in my opinion. The colors will show up better and detail will be easier to see. Don't try to be fancy, just take a simple photo from above of your swatch.
  • If sending a physical submission in the mail, label everything with your name and contact information: sketches, swatches, and anything else required.
  • When sketching your design for editors to see, it's best to keep it simple. Draw clean lines and make sure your idea comes through clearly, and don't be overly detailed.
  • Be flexible. Usually editors have a specific idea in mind of what they want, and if they think your idea can be altered to fit their needs, be ready to work with them!
  • And if your design isn't accepted, don't fret! Now you have a brand new idea you can save for another submission call, or publish on your own using Ravelry or Craftsy!

I hope these little tips help! Being a pattern designer is so much fun - there are so many possibilities to consider, and the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas!

Happy Friday!