Story of a Custom Order

As convenient as it is to package up a pre-made item to ship to a customer, I like custom orders so much more. I love working with a customer, figuring out the details and serving them by making what they want, the way they want. Also I get to be part of sweet stories like this one:
A customer messaged me on Etsy about my striped gloves, asking if he could have them made specially. When I asked for further details, he told me that he wanted to give them to a coworker for Christmas. Okay, great. I can do that! Then he went on to explain that his coworker was born with only one hand, and could I please make one of the gloves with a closed, tapered end. Wow. Of course! He proceeded to send me a sneaky picture of said coworker to demonstrate what he was talking about. "I can send you more pictures, but taking measurements would ruin the surprise, so I'd rather not." 
I was so touched by this request. What a sweet, caring gift. I love my job!