Spring Cleaning

April 1st (Fools' Day!) came in rather like a joke that's sort of funny but not really. Yesterday was extremely windy, and today I woke up to light breezes and 75% humidity. Nice...but really not nice. Humidity and sudden air pressure changes make me sick to my stomach. The warm air was pleasant, though! The funniest part - it's supposed to snow on Sunday and Monday. How's that for a joke?

All that being said, I had today off, so I decided to do a little spring cleaning. Here are a few snapshots of my room whilst I was 'cleaning' (let's be real - it eventually became more of a "Oh, where has this been? Gotta finish that!" adventure than any actual cleaning).

My sister gave me this book for Easter, and it's quickly becoming a favorite!

made from scratch life

It's the best! I've already learned how to make my own citrus vinegar cleaning spray, and how to scour my sink with baking soda, and how to clean the linoleum, etc. I can't wait to try some of the recipes and gardening tips!



This ultra-springtimey pattern is making me so happy. I adapted a chart I found and decided to make it into a throw! When I'm finished, I'll share photos and links to the original pattern, and also how I made it into a throw if you're not familiar with join-as-you-go ;) Isn't it the cutest?

spring cleaning - fiber organizing

Various fibers I use for starting my weavings - all weights, all textures! Well, almost all.

spring cleaning - doily ideas

Laying out a future idea...

spring cleaning - sort of

Sometimes my bed becomes a worktable.

spring cleaning - metal basket for yarn

This giant metal basket from Michaels is my favorite thing. Look how well it holds the yarn I didn't really need but bought anyway! (Actually that's not true - I have big plans for this yarn.)

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my day! Happy April!