Spring 2018 Inspiration

In my attempt to do quarterly shop updates, I've spent lots of time gathering inspiration and ideas for each collection. Winter contained a lot of whites, neutrals, and wood, and was very much inspired by Nordic culture, as well as living a slower, cozier life. I still plan to add similarly-inspired products to the shop over the course of the year.

Spring, however, was inspired by something quite different. Every February and March (and, let's be honest, April, because I'm in NH where spring doesn't truly start until May), I get antsy. I want to travel to warmer places. One of my favorite books growing up was The Luckiest Girl by Beverly Cleary. One of her 'teen books', it is centered around Shelley, an Oregon native who visits southern California for a year and experiences life in a different climate. The descriptions in the book are absolutely delightful (as is the storyline), and it always left me wanting to visit this land of sunny days, dry temperatures, and citrus groves. 

The Moon-Spinners by Mary Stewart is another such book. Published in the 1960's, it's very different from The Luckiest Girl. It's a drama/murder mystery, and centered around Nicola, a girl on holiday on the island of Crete in Greece. Again, the descriptions of beauty and sunshine are beautiful, and inspire me to travel and see these places for myself.

And last but definitely not least, the movie La La Land. I remember seeing tiny sneak peeks for this movie a year before it hit theaters and thinking, "This looks like my kind of movie - a little indie musical that probably won't be super popular." And it was a hit! The dusty Los Angeles freeway, the bright yellows and greens and blues of the costumes, the classic song-and-dance scenes, and the scenery that made me feel like I was in an old musical. Mostly the California atmosphere and costumes.

Since I can't travel to southern California or Greece right now, though, I've brought them to me and created them for myself. Within the four walls of my little apartment, I've woven, stitched, and crocheted a variety of garments and housewares that embody the bright citrus, dusty white stone, sage greens, and blue skies of these faraway places. 

Maybe my pieces will help you travel, too! Enjoy their color.