Something New

So what do you think? I love my new template! It's so much brighter than my old one. I realized that I like bright blogs so much better than dark ones...I'm more drawn to a blog with a white background than a brown or black. All of my favorite blogs are light colored and easy to read.

Also, I changed my title and header! Melodia is the Italian version of Melody, so I put that up instead of Melmaria. I think I may have outgrown the Melmaria. Maybe I'll change it to Melodia Maria or Melody Maria instead. I love the Italian flair, and I want to claim some of my heritage that way.

I changed the description too...instead of "What can you make with your hands?" I decided to write what my blog is really all about: "designer crochet (and more)". Which it is. Most of my designs are crochet, but I want to try my hand at sewing (again) and I also enjoy knitting now and then. Mostly in the fall and winter.

So there you have it. An almost complete 180 from my old...everything. Let me know any suggestions/complaints/compliments. If the font is too hard to read, tell me! I would appreciate any feedback.