Some Inspiration

I found this photo on Pinterest - the pattern accompanying it was written in French, so I couldn't read it, but I really want to re-create this pattern using my own square design and different colors! They fit so beautifully, and they look really cozy.
I also love the way this lamp looks. It would take forever to make, but it would be so beautiful. I wonder if a similar look could be achieved by sewing pieces of doilies to a lampshade frame like this one? Hmmm...
And oh my gosh...look at this crocheted sweater from a Slovak website called Sashe. The details! The colors! I am so inspired right now! Goodwill, remember those sweaters I was going to buy from you for cheap and dismantle to make my own? Get ready.
And I was busy this weekend creating these two new additions to my shop.
My Etsy shop is full of enough earrings to last for a while! Time to branch out a bit, I think. Fall is well on its way, and winter not far behind! I'm hoping to create more cozy accessories to put up for sale in my shop soon, so keep an eye out! I will also be posting more patterns as the weeks go on. 
Happy Tuesday!