So Little Time

Crafting is like an addiction - but a good one. I can't stop thinking of new ideas, making new things, and trying new techniques. No awesome DSLR pictures in this post, sorry!

My grandparents moved recently, and along with other things we inherited a plastic bag full of old pamphlet-type magazines. They're from the 50's and 60's and include everything from recipes to tips to articles. I'm thinking something special needs to be made out of them. Journals, perhaps? 

I will confess: I'm not the best time manager. I don't like to work in the mornings - I prefer working late at night in my studio/bedroom after everyone's gone to bed. I lay out all the stuff I want to get done, write it down, and then end up getting maybe a quarter of it finished. Such is life, I guess! I'm working on improving my productivity - there is so much I would like to get done, but it takes time that I don't really have.

Any advice for a struggling designer working to accomplish a lot in a limited amount of time? I'm learning as I go - definitely a huge part of this business! I don't mind it, I just want to be able to get more accomplished.