Snowflakes, Ice, & Gloves

It figures - the first time I move south, a real winter storm hits in the first week of December. I didn't even bring my ice scraper with me! 

The roads were unbelievably bad here - the city I live in only has a few plow trucks, and the roads are not treated for wintertime like they are in NH. We got a lot of ice and snow! Work was canceled for a few days, but a few Etsy orders came in, so I had plenty to work on during the snow days! Living in the community that I do, we all got to hang out at each other's apartments and watch movies and eat chili. 
Check out my Batman snowflake! I made and hung a bunch of paper snowflakes in our apartment to make it more Christmasy/wintry. 
During this time, I made these frosty-looking gloves.
They're for sale, both as an item on Etsy and as a pattern on Ravelry!
And lastly, one of the reasons for the season. Rejoice, Emmanuel! God is with us, through His Son Jesus.