Snow Day Project

Today I want to make some dresses. I've been wishing I had some simple spring and summer dresses, and all I have are too-fancy dresses and too-short dresses. Rachael of Talk2TheTrees posted this cute tutorial a few years ago and I've never mustered the courage to try it.

Until today!
I have a handful of tanktops and maybe even a few T-shirts to try, and I have a lot of knit fabric lying around that I've been trying to use up (to make room for my mountains of yarn). 
We'll see how this goes!
I may trim it with some handmade lace - just to make it my own. 

It was hard to get up from my cozy nest on the couch this morning, especially with this cutie cuddled up beside me. Say hello to Pippin the Squeaking Cat, my sometimes muse:
Off to sewing! I may post pictures later...I may not.