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Simple Watercolor Lettering Tutorial

Watercolor Lyric Lettering Tutorial I've been experimenting with hand lettering during my free time lately, teaching myself new techniques and typography layouts. It helps me relax and change up my creativity flow a little bit when I do something totally different from the usual. I'm hoping to learn enough to implement hand lettering in some promotional materials, and maybe even use it in photos!

One of the projects I tried was hand lettering a song lyric using watercolors and a brush pen. I wanted to share what I did with you for a simple watercolor lettering tutorial! Sound good?

This would make such a wonderful gift for a friend, using their favorite quote, or a newlywed couple with a line from their favorite song. Simple yet special, it's one of those meaningful gifts. Or keep it for yourself, and use a personal favorite - a line or lyric that means a lot to you, is part of a memory, or contributes to who you are. The possibilities are endless. Let's get started:

Simple Watercolor Lettering Tutorial

You'll need:

-Watercolor brush pen (I used the Sakura Koi Waterbrush)

-Watercolor set (I used the Sakura Field Sketch Set)

-Cardstock or heavyweight paper, 5x7"

-Pencil with eraser

-Lyric or quote of your choice

Simple Watercolor Lettering Tutorial


First, lightly sketch out your lyric or quote. I decided to use my own handwriting, so I gently wrote out my lyric with the pencil, keeping my lines light. The lyric I chose is "And the winds that blow remind me of what has been and what can never be." Sad, but so beautiful - this lyric is from The Lighthouse's Tale by Nickel Creek. Such a lovely song, and such a talented band! Anyway.

Simple Watercolor Lettering Tutorial

Next, watercolor over your penciled lines! Test out your strokes first on a scrap piece of paper and get a feel for how much water to use and when to re-dip the pen in the watercolor 'ink'.

Simple Watercolor Lettering Tutorial

And you're finished! Mine has such a rustic, unfinished look. I actually love it, which is a big step for me - I'm a former perfectionist (still am, in some ways), but the fact that I can appreciate this and the beauty in the imperfection is huge. I love how the black fades unevenly, how the writing gets bigger and smaller, and just the texture of it. So simple, but so unique.

Simple Watercolor Lettering Tutorial


Have a special lyric or quote in mind? If you make this, share it with me on Instagram or Twitter @melmariadesigns! I'd love to see. Or find me on Facebook and share it there!

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