Ribbon Slippers

This idea doesn't involve yarn or crochet or knitting, but I wanted to post about it anyway. Last year, I found a bunch of spools of vintage brocade ribbon. I made some bags with the ribbon and attempted a few headbands, but for the most part it's been sitting untouched in my room. The other day, I realized that it might be possible to make shoes out of this sturdy ribbon! I already tried the shoe idea with crochet, but it didn't work out very well. So I got out my ribbon and sewing machine and pins (lots and lots of pins) and got to work!

I cut the straps off a pair of unworn flip-flops, sewed long strips of the ribbon into pieces of fabric for the tops and heels, traced around the tops of the flip-flops to create the toes, sewed some elastic into the tops, created some pleats at the heels and toes, and PINNED the ribbon to the soles. I do need to find some pins with large flat heats - the pins I used have very small heads and won't be able to hold the brocaded ribbon for a long time. To finish up, I hot-glued some plain white elastic around the sole to give it a finished appearance.

They are comfortable and wearable and I really like them. I'm going to try making them in a darker color next time, with black or brown soles. Let me know what you think!