Product Update: Necklaces

Neutral Flowers Last week I was able to photograph and list three new necklaces that I'm exceptionally happy with. They all turned out the way I envisioned and I'm really proud that they did! That's definitely not always the case. Also, I was able to do an actual shoot for these items - something that rarely happens! I actually took time to put together a few outfits and model the pieces accordingly, and I'm really happy with the results. So here's a product update - tell me what you think!

IMG_4133 IMG_4135_1 IMG_4245IMG_4247IMG_4145IMG_4294IMG_4270IMG_4194IMG_4311



// Long Lace Pendant Necklace, $30 //

// Neutral Flowers Necklace, $30 //

// Monochrome Flowers Necklace, $30 //

I really want to do more shoots in the future - they add so much to the richness and value of my products, and prospective customers can really see what the products look like worn. Definitely more work, but so worth it!