I wrote this post a week ago, wanting to write about my creative process and how I do things. Unfortunately I've gotten busier and had less time to post, but I decided to finish it quickly today and post it.

On a free day, when I have time to design and craft, I begin my work after breakfast. Normally I've already written down some ideas and goals the night before and have my materials partially ready. Now I begin either crocheting or photographing depending on the lighting. I also do some online promotion and marketing. This goes on for 2 or 3 hours, and then I cook some lunch. 

I find I do my best photography when the sun isn't streaming directly in my window, so I generally photograph in the morning or early evening. Right now I'm using a coffee bag backdrop tacked to the wall (I know - classy!), doily props, and my black table. So far, all three have worked out really well - I like to make do with what I have. It's cheaper and there are a lot more options available.
My favorite materials to work with when crocheting are shiny cotton threads in brilliant colors. I love to make brightly colored earrings and cuffs, and cotton translates so well to lace. Of course, when fall and winter roll around, I become more interested in thick fibers for knitting and crocheting. Being a designer means I need to start thinking out of season though, which is so hard! Designing thick, warm pieces in the heat of summer is not fun, and in the winter all I want to do is make blankets and scarves and hats, not lacy wraps and tiny earrings. But I'm learning to do what needs to be done in order to keep up with my profession - thinking ahead is very important.
After working on my projects, if I have time before an event or errands, I type up some posts ahead of time. This takes a lot off my mind when I know I have two or three posts lined up and scheduled, but sometimes it creates difficulty when I'm trying to write in the moment or promote something right away.

Anyway, this used to be my process as of last week, and hopefully still will be on free days. I just got a job as a part-time associate in the gift store of an art museum! I'll post a link to it later on. So that will be taking up more of my week, and I got yet another order of coffee bag placemats, so my creative work has doubled! In fact, I should be sewing right now instead of typing.

So before I get back to work, let me encourage you to keep on designing and creating!