By creating purposefully handmade fiber artwork and goods, I seek to enrich the lives of the people around me with unique and beautiful pieces.

Post Earrings Explosion

Post Earrings Explosion Last week I was invited by a friend at the last minute to do a sort of craft fair/flea market with her. It would be free of charge and I could bring my own table. Sounded fun!

I was excited to try it, so I sat down and began making more inventory in earnest. It's amazing what a deadline can do for my productivity. I cranked out a ton of post earrings, made some pretty packaging from paper bags (new DIY coming soon!), made a big sign copy of my logo, and came up with some cute display ideas.

Post Earrings Explosion

Well, Saturday came, and I drove out and set up my table. Turns out it was more of a high school fundraising event, and only a few tables were set up as sellers. Everything else was in a huge pile of donations in the middle of the gym floor. There weren't many people, and I didn't make a single sale. But it was okay! I learned how to set up a nice table (I will be more prepared with more merchandise next time, I think), and I got to spend quality time with a good friend. AND, it practically forced me to sit down and make a bunch of new items, which I have now added to my shop.

Post Earrings Explosion

So the point of all of this is - there are SO MANY new options in my shop! I added a bunch of these colorful crochet post earrings, and I also added new flower options as well. Give them a look-see and show them some love! They make wonderful unique gifts, they look great (I love wearing them!), and they're affordable.

On a side note, my DIY Anthropologie Inspired Top got such a wonderful response! Thank you, everyone! I love making tutorials and showing people how to make something pretty. Can't wait to post more - seriously. Happy Wednesday!

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