Portrait Session by Claira

I traveled to northwest Arkansas last week to visit friends and take a mini-vacation. It was wonderful! The weather was lovely, the people were even better, and the coffee was amazing. While there, I had the opportunity to have my first-ever official portrait session done! Portrait Session by Claira

A friend of a friend is an aspiring photographer, with lots of experience already behind her. Claira is a sweet, beautiful girl with a great camera, and she's good at what she does. Her mother is the product developer and media manager for a business called One Loom Designs, an organization that provides sustainable ways for women in Guatamala to support their families through selling their hand-woven designs. Claira has assisted with product photography for One Loom, and even traveled to Guatamala to meet the artisans. In addition, she has several family portraits and couples sessions under her belt. Needless to say, I was excited to get my picture taken by Claira!

Portrait Session by Claira

We took these photos on the historical Fayetteville square, against a backdrop of beautiful fall flowers, old stone buildings, and twining vines. I didn't really know what to do with my hands (or my face!), so Claira told me to just laugh a lot. In fact, she kept making me laugh as she snapped away. The colors were so warm and beautiful - I think she captured me really well. I love that she was so sweet and understanding (she let me hide when people came walking by), and she made me look just like myself.


I didn't even mind posing a little bit!


Thank you, Claira! You can view her work here and here. And if you're ever in the northwest Arkansas area, look her up for a session!