Plant Tour

I wanted to take you guys on a mini plant tour! Lately I've been buying lots of plants. (By lots, I mean 6 more than I had before, which was zero - so it feels like a lot.) I have an air plant, an ivy plant, a rosemary plant, a mint plant, a rex begonia plant, and a string of pearls plant. And I'd like to introduce you to each of them!

plant tour - air plant

First up, the air plant. This baby is my newest baby, and it is literally an air plant. Meaning, it doesn't root. You give it water every few weeks, but otherwise it's happy just sitting by itself on a shelf or in a jar or in a terrarium like that gorgeous glass beauty I bought to go with it...


plant tour - ivy

Next, my ivy plant. This little beauty has been growing steadily and happily. I think she gets a little too much sun when I'm gone during the day, so I'm trying to figure out just the right spot for her to sit while I'm at work. I love the fresh green of the ivy and how homey it made the apartment look.

plant tour - rosemary

The rosemary! How it grew. I bought just a little plant a month ago and it's already quite large. I need to research more recipes to use fresh rosemary in, and I'm also going to begin drying some to save for later.

plant tour - mint

I don't know what happened to the mint. One day it was low and leafy, and the next day it shot up like a gangly teenager. This stuff is huge now! On the list: buy lemons and make infused lemon and mint water to bring to work. Mmmm.

plant tour - string of pearls

String of pearls. Lovely, lovely string of pearls. I was so excited to find and buy one of these after seeing one hanging in my friend Liz's window. They are so delicate and elegant, and absolutely gorgeous. I don't really have a place to hang her yet - she is currently perched on a living room window sill with her strings precariously hooked around the window latch. Isn't she just beautiful?

plant tour - collection

Thank you for coming on my plant tour! This photo is of my babies before they got big. Look how small the mint is! Oh yes, and there's the rex begonia in the top right corner. I can't figure it out. I just repotted it (no photos yet) and am hoping it will begin to thrive. They're supposed to have lovely foliage and skimpy little white flowers, so we'll see!

Have you done any planting or potting this year? I'd love to see! Comment below or send me a link to your blog/instagram!