One Week Shop Update

It's been one week since my shop update! Last week, as you may recall, I deactivated a ton of listings (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.) to make room for my new collection of crochet jewelry. Before that, I did a little self-evaluation and realized that crochet jewelry had been my most popular product (conservatively speaking - I'm not exactly selling anything like hotcakes at the moment). So I decided to take the plunge and narrow down my selling market to one particular market. Shop Refocus 25items

I listed 25 new products, and am working on creating color variations on these products. Over the next few weeks I'll be expanding the collection by adding more hair accessories (including a few bridal pieces I'm excited to show you!), more cuffs, more rings, brooches, and necklaces. I also want to start adding jewelry pouches and bags where you can keep your handmade treasures safe.

Anyway, that's the update from here! I'm excited to see what next week brings! In addition to working on my shop and website, I've also been working on a few other big projects that I can't show you just yet, but am hoping to within the next week or so!

Thanks for reading! And hey, if you know anyone who would be interested in my products, don't be afraid to point them to my shop! I'm looking for trendsetters and the girl who wants to support handmade and shop handmade fashion made in the US. My items are affordable, unique accessories that honestly flatter pretty much anyone.

Thank you for supporting!