I would love to explore more necklace possibilities similar to Noir Necklace. There is so much inspiration out there to create something like that. This whole Mod Podge technique allows for a lot of matter what shape the pendant is when you crochet it, you can pin it out to another shape entirely, paint it with Mod Podge, and it will dry that way. What fun!

I am also working on a few choker patterns. Some people absolutely adore chokers, and I have some gorgeous stitch patterns just waiting to be crocheted. I am trying to decide what the closure should be on a crocheted choker: a button, a pair of crocheted chain ties, or some ribbon? Any thoughts?

Oh, and I was featured for the very first time over at Tangled Happy! Sara very kindly offered to show off my Cobalt Earrings pattern. For a novice designer trying to make it big, this is very exciting.