New Shop Focus & Self Critique

New_Shop_Focus For a while, I've been trying to come up with a cohesive look for my shop. I enjoy all kinds of handicrafts, but they didn't flow well. I tried for a long time to keep my shop open to all kinds of handmade products, thinking variety was good, but it was too much variety. I think the mixture of knit gloves, burlap placemats, lace jewelry, and crochet hats confused visitors. No one quite knew how to describe my shop, or explain it to others! It wasn't really aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and I wasn't making sales or getting views.

So I did my own shop critique. I loaded all my stats since I opened my shop in 2011 and did a little research. I noticed a few interesting trends:

  1. My first sale was a pair of crochet earrings.
  2. My most recent sale was a pair of crochet earrings.
  3. My top keywords are crochet, crochet earrings, and crochet jewelry.

In between, I've made random sales - not necessarily one type of item more than another - but jewelry was definitely a recurring theme. Whenever I make and post a new piece of jewelry, I get twice as much attention than I do for a new pair of gloves or a hat. My approach to crochet jewelry is elegant and unique. They're wearable pieces and make wonderful gifts. When I first started designing crochet jewelry and offering pattern PDFs (which I still do, both on Ravelry and Craftsy), they were a huge hit and still are!

So, starting tomorrow, I'm going to be focusing mainly on crochet jewelry pieces for my shop. (No, literally tomorrow at 3 PM EST with a mass product listing, so be ready!) In the future I hope to offer a wide selection of earrings, necklaces, cuffs, rings, brooches, hair clips, and possibly even some headbands. I think it's time to give my shop one particular focus and see how it goes. Join me on this adventure, and spread the word! I'm excited. It's scary to be deactivating so many items in my shop, but I'm excited to have more of a particular niche and see where it takes me.