New and Blue

I suppose I'm in a blue mood lately. Although these designs are so different, my hand was drawn to the cooler shades in my yarn collection for both items. One is crochet and the other knit - two very different items! 

The first is a pair of embroidered fingerless gloves, rustic and cozy, perfect for fall. The gloves can be worn using the thumbhole, or pulled down over the wrists for long cuffs, leaving the hands completely free. These are available in my Etsy shop for $20, and would make a beautiful, handmade Christmas gift for those of you thinking ahead! 

The second item is a crocheted cuff, made from bright blue thread I found in my collection. A combination of tall and short stitches create a chunky, textured piece, finished with a light brown button closure. The cuff is available in my Etsy shop for $18!

Thank you for your support and comments lately! I love seeing that I really do have readers, and encouragement is always appreciated from my fellow crafters. Thank you!