Multistrand Cuff

I worked on this while watching King Kong (the 2005 version with the very serious Jack Black and the overly wide-eyed Naomi Watts). The bracelet was a great distraction because I could barely get through the first half of this film. I ended up turning it off.

Anyway, movie preferences aside, this bracelet was really fun to make - I love how it came together. I wanted to share with you how to make it! Now, it's a little loosey-goosey - those of you who are more exacting, I do not have exact measurements to give you. You're going to have to figure those out yourself. This is a chance for you to exercise your creativity and ingenuity! Ahem.
You will need:
Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Cotton Size 10 ( go-to thread) in Black and Natural 
US 1.9mm steel crochet hook
Beads, any size, any shape - I happened to use 10mm blue beads and 5mm pearl beads
Jewelry pliers
Length of silver chain (long enough to fit around your wrist, with some negative ease (too tight)
Lobster clasp
4 jump rings
String the blue beads onto your black thread. Begin crocheting like so: Chain 2, bring up bead, make chain stitch with bead, chain 2, repeat from * until your bead strand is as long as the silver chain (it's okay if it's not exact), ending with a chain 2, fasten off. 
String the pearl beads onto the black thread. Chain 1, bring up bead, make chain stitch with bead, chain 1, repeat from * until bead strand is as long as silver chain, chain 1, fasten off.
White band: This is where it gets a little tricky. You're going to have to count the number of chains in your bead chains and use those as a reference to figure out how long to chain your foundation for this band. Once you've figured it out, chain that number, turn, single crochet in second chain from hook and each chain across. Chain 1, turn, single crochet in each single crochet across. Fasten off.

Join a jump ring to the end of all four strands, stringing them all onto the jump ring. Attach another jump ring to the first jump ring. Repeat for the other end of the strands, and attach the lobster clasp to the second jump ring.

Done! I will probably post more photos in the future, but this was one of those late-night projects that didn't get any documentation whatsoever.

Honest warning: it's a pain to put on. Seriously. Unless you have the patience of a dairy cow, you're going to get really frustrated putting it on. I actually put it on right after I made it and then decided not to take it off so I could wear it the next day. It's cute though, right?