I'm moving this week! 
Halfway back across the country, that is. NH calls me home, at least for a while. I wanted to take better quality photos with my real camera, but I decided to document with my phone camera instead. Hence the crap quality. 
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I can get this all packed up by Tuesday, right?
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The hardest part about the moving process? I keep getting good ideas for a new project or craft, but I know I don't really have the time to sit down and work on something, so I can only write my ideas down and hope to work on them in the near future. 
Maybe I can sneak in a little project after I make some progress...
In spite of all this craziness, the shop is still open for business! Also, follow me on Instagram! My handle is @melmariadesigns, although I'm thinking of changing it to just Melmaria. I'm regretting changing my Etsy shop to Melmaria Designs - I think I like just plain Melmaria better. Allows for more versatility. What do you all think? This has been a back-and-forth thing for years and it's time to make a real decision!
Okay, back to packing. Next step: clothes.